Keeping you safe, keeping you mobile

CentacareCQ offers an affordable, door-to-door Community Transport Service – enabling passengers to travel regularly for health appointments and shopping. With the Coronavirus outbreak we are making some changes that ensure your safety and minimise the risk of infection when using this essential service.

Vehicle Capacity

To help stop the potential spread of the virus and to comply with social distancing advice we have made the following changes to the number of passengers allowed in our vehicles:

  • CentacareCQ Buses – 5 passengers per bus
  • CentacareCQ Cars – 2 clients per vehicle


All CentacareCQ vehicles will be disinfected between journeys to greatly reduce the risk of infection to clients.

Are you or is someone in your house sick?

If you or someone in your household is sick please let us know. Our drivers and support staff will take extra steps to ensure your service is still conducted in a manner that doesn’t expose you or them to risk.

For more information about our transportation service please click here or call 1800 374 772.

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