No one deserves to live in fear

Every person has the right to be free from harm, violence and abuse.

CentacareCQ provides supports and services to adults, children and young people who are experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, domestic and family violence.

These confidential services are offered at our Emerald site and via outreach to surrounding areas.

If you are needing support, or know someone who does, CentacareCQ can also assist with:

  • Supplying phones

  • Overnight bags

  • Food and fuel vouchers (sourced from Salvation Army and the Neighbourhood Centre)

  • Defining safety plans

  • Helping with the application for Domestic Violence order

  • Attend court with you for support

  • Offer counselling after

  • Assist children to receive support at school via chaplains and guidance counsellors

  • Child witness counselling

CentacareCQ also provides support to perpetrators to get the help they need to stop. Support can include emergency housing (through external referrals)

No one should live in fear – there is not excuse for domestic violence.

For more information regarding Domestic Violence Awareness Month or reaching out, click HERE

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To find out how CentacareCQ can help you, phone: Call 1300 523 985

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