Our Counsellors

CentacareCQ has qualified and experienced counsellors across the Central Queensland region.

  • Are all tertiary qualified
  • Are approved as Family and Child Counsellors by the Attorney General Department under the Family Law Act
  • Receive regular professional supervision and training
  • Hold Suitability Cards for Working with Children issued by the Commission for Children and Young People

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Counsellor Profiles

  • Campbell


    Campbell is an experienced counsellor with a Diploma in Counselling and extensive training as a Family Therapist.

    With more than 30 years experience in the field, Campbell has supported a diverse range of clients from communities throughout New South Wales and Queensland, including rural and remote areas.

    Campbell and his wife hail from the Sunshine Coast, where they lived for many years raising their four children. His own experience with raising a family, as well as observing others, has provided Campbell with unique insights into families, parenthood and relationships.

    With a solution-focused approach, Campbell enjoys seeing his clients freed from the tyranny of their past, develop their own strengths, take responsibility for their decisions and nurture themselves towards success.

  • Jason


    Jason has a Master of Counselling from Queensland University of Technology.

    He graduated with a postgraduate qualification in 2019, however, he has been working with clients in therapeutic settings for several years based on his undergraduate study.

    Jason is interested in helping people to be the best version of themselves. During sessions, he believes that it is important to use a collaborative approach that focuses on a balanced ratio of acknowledgement and possibilities, in which clients feel heard, and then have the courage to create different possibilities for the future.

    In practice, Jason uses finger puppets and Open Heart cards. Each of these tools comforts people, helping them to communicate easily about their current situations. This approach also helps clients to see their situations from multiple perspectives, and helps them to come up with new interpretations for their current situations, as a result, multiple previously unimaginable possibilities are created.

  • Angela


    After graduating from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Psychology (honours), Angela has enjoyed providing general psychological services throughout the Rockhampton Region.

    Angela has worked within the Central Queensland health industry for several years and has gained counselling experience throughout her studies by working with various organisations. Angela is passionate about delivering long-term care to the local community.

    Angela takes an interest in assisting clients who may be struggling with depression, anxiety, anger and stress.

    She also enjoys assisting families in enhancing their communication and building stronger relationships.

    Angela works with a variety of people through different stages of their lives, but takes a particular interest in helping children and adolescents. Her favourite psychological approaches include positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapies and strengths-based therapy.

  • Suzie


    Suzie’s qualifications include a BSc (Hons) in Psychology.

    Suzie is interested in the connection between mental and physical health.

    She focuses on the promotion of positive health behaviours and supporting individuals, couples and families to manage stress, increase self-esteem, enhance personal relationships, manage conflict and improve communication.

  • Laura


    Laura’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Applied Arts and a Bachelor of Counselling. Laura is a certified Wheel of Wellbeing (WoW) trainer as well as a provider of AccessEAP, counselling and critical incident work.

    Laura has been counselling for six years – 3 of which has been with CentacareCQ.

    She is registered with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and is a Level 3 Facilitator for men’s psycho-educational group work. Laura has written a 12-week psycho-educational group program for CentacareCQ.

    Laura’s specialises in providing therapeutic counselling to individuals, couples and families. Her other specialisms include: Working with men who use intimate partner violence, who are angry, or need ongoing support, grief, trauma and relationship counselling.

    Prior to working at CentacareCQ Laura was a case manager for the Canadian Red Cross Disaster Management and the Edmonton Violence Prevention Centre where she was a facilitator for court mandated men doing psychoeducational groups, and ongoing support group work.