School Savvy

Following on from the success of the School Savvy initiative by CentacareFNQ in Cairns, CentacareCQ is bringing School Savvy to the Rockhampton region in time for the 2019 school year.

CentacareCQ is calling for donations of school supplies and school uniforms for the School Savvy pop up shops which will be opening in January 2019.  The pop up shop will sell low cost pre-loved uniforms and school supplies to assist families with the expenses faced at the start of each school year.

What is School Savvy?


The first ever School Savvy appeal was launched in 2016 by CentacareFNQ.  The appeal called for donations of school supplies and uniforms for a pop-up shop which was opened in early January 2017.  The response from the Cairns community was incredible and resulted in donations with an estimated value of over $25,000.  Close to 600 families used the shop and it was estimated that School Savvy assisted more than 1000 children to get back to school ready to learn (CentacareFNQ, 2018)

Since its initial launch in 2016, the School Savvy program has grown with an estimated 2000 supported for the new school year in 2018 (CentacareFNQ, 2018).  Due to the success of the program in Cairns, School Savvy will now expand to the Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast region.




Get Involved!

Uniform Donations

You can get involved by donating any school uniforms that are in good condition, but are no longer needed in your household.  Clothes and school supply donations can be dropped off at CentacareCQ (16 Bolsover Street, Rockhampton), or any Vinnies donation bin within the Rockhampton, Capricorn Coast or Mt Morgan areas. 

Stationery/School Supply Donations

The School Savvy pop up shops will also stock low cost school stationery supplies.  You can help by making a donation of school supplies that are in good condition.  In particular we are looking for the following items; A4 lined exercise books, A4 display books, pens (black, blue and red), HB and 2B pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, rulers, glue stick, scissors, highlighters, coloured pencils and calculators.

Pack-a-pencil case – Pack a pencil case with basic school supplies that are needed by all school students.  Pencil cases can be dropped into CentacareCQ at 16 Bolsover Street.  

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations can also be received by CentacareCQ and will go towards the purchase of school supplies to stock the pop up shops.  Please contact CentacareCQ on 1300 523 985 or for more information.

Business Support

We are constantly looking for business support for the School Savvy program.  Businesses can help us out by donating unwanted stationery supplies that children could use at school.  For example, calculators, pens, highlighters and rulers.  This could be a great chance for businesses to clean out their stationery cupboards and donate any out-of-date branded supplies.

Furthermore you can become a business sponsor of the School Savvy Appeal.  We appreciate any business support throughout this program and if you feel this program aligns with your organisational values we would love to hear from you.





For any further information about the School Savvy program please call 1300 523 985 or email


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