Starting now for 2020

With the 2020 school year fast approaching, School Savvy CQ is now calling for community donations to help support their 2020 appeal.

What is School Savvy CQ?

School Savvy CQ is an annual back to school resources initiative aimed at children and families who are in need of financial assistance.

Preloved uniforms and basic stationery supplies are made available to purchase at a pop up store located within the region. These items are provided at very little cost, with prices generally ranging between one to five dollars. All pop up stores open in January.

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The aim of School Savvy is to provide children with the basics required to make the most of their school year. Having access to education is a key developmental opportunity provided to all children at a community level. Unfortunately though, not all children have the right resources available to them, in order to optimise that access.

Education unlocks people’s potential, builds better communities and in the long run, helps to build a better society. This is why we feel that School Savvy is a program that everyone should be on board with.

History of School Savvy

The first ever School Savvy appeal was launched in 2016 by CentacareFNQ (Centacare Far North Qld).

The appeal called for donations of school supplies and uniforms for a pop-up shop which was opened in early January 2017. The response from the North Qld community was incredible and resulted in donations with an estimated value of over $25,000. Close to 600 families used the shop and it was estimated that School Savvy assisted more than 1000 children to get back to school ready to learn (CentacareFNQ, 2018).

Since its initial launch in 2016 the School Savvy program has expanded, with other Catholic Social Service organisations introducing the initiative to their own respective diocese. CentacareCQ was proud to introduce School Savvy CQ to the Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast regions in 2019, and looks forward to including Bundaberg for the 2020 back to school year.

The success of the first annual School Savvy CQ initiative was overwhelming, with demand seeing over 700 children assisted in the Rockhampton region alone. Because of that initial demand, it is no wonder that CentacareCQ is excited to see what the future holds for School Savvy. One thing is for sure though, the program is guaranteed to only get bigger from here…

Monetary Donations & Sponsorship

The School Savvy CQ team is always looking for monetary donations and business sponsorships.

All money received for the program, goes towards the purchase of quality stationery supplies to stock our pop up shops.

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